Q: Do you have a waiting list? Are you accepting new orders?

A: My waiting list is closed and I'm not taking on new orders at this time. I'll let everyone know when the books open up again via an Instagram post. 

Q: Do you ever have wallets for sale that aren't spoken for?

A: Occasionally I will make a random wallet or two. I'll post on Instagram a few days before to let everyone know when the wallet drop will happen, usually 6:00 PM Pacific Time (West Coast) on whatever day.  

Q: Do you have a mailing list for those of us not on Instagram?

A: Not at this time. It is possible to view my Instagram page via your favorite browser without having an account. Please check out my page every so often to see if anything will be available. 

Q: How much do your wallets cost?

A: Please Note -These are estimates and prices will vary according to the complexity of the design, cutting/tooling and coloring. I will give you a better estimate once ideas are exchanged. A deposit will be required for custom designs. 

Any design with initials or names will require full payment up front. 

The three styles of wallets available:

 1. Traditional billfolds start at $320. 

 2. Front-Loader which is a smaller simple two pocket wallet good for keeping in your front pants pocket. Prices start at $220.

 3. Long (aka Biker/Trucker) Wallets start at $400*. 

*Solid brass curb chain with brass belt hook or leather loop are optional

Q: Do you make women's wallets?

A: I'm currently working on a good all-around pattern and hope to have it done soon. 

Q: Do you make belts or other items besides wallets?

A: No belts. I make wallets, fieldnotes covers and covers for 5"x7" memopads.

Q: Do you ever make items that aren't Dead or counterculture related?

A: It depends on the subject. You can ask and if it's something I'm into then I'll give it a shot. If the idea is too far outside my wheellhouse I will decline.